Watch as the Downers Grove Public Library Foundation visits the studio of Chicago artist Melissa Leandro, whose textiles “Aqua melt/Flores y Conejos” — showcased in renowned galleries nationwide  — are now gifts to the DGPL community thanks to donors like you.

Melissa Leandro explores personal, familial, and cultural experiences, bringing together motifs and objects of domestic life that echo her hybrid culture as a first-generation U.S. citizen. Leandro’s textile works take her audience to a hyper-vivid alternate reality both inspired by and at odds with ideas of “home” as she traveled between Costa Rica, Miami, Chicago, and adventures abroad.

Leandro utilizes repetitive and layered techniques of drawing, weaving and stitching to represent an abstract and tactile slice of the people and places that are vital to her sense of identity.

The DGPL Foundation funds extraordinary gifts, beyond taxpayer support, through fundraising including the Garden Walk Brick program. These gifts enhance the library’s art collection and cultural programming, providing opportunities for the whole of our community to explore and understand art.

The foundation’s support directly aligns with the library’s strategic objectives to not only enrich the community’s experience through art displays and collections, but also to connect people to the arts and cultural programs that embrace equity, diversity, and inclusion.