In addition to ongoing fundraising, such as the Garden Walk Brick Program, you can expand your impact and support the library as a cornerstone in our community through:

    Your individual gift is tax deductible, and always appreciated. Consider increasing your impact by making a recurring, monthly donation. Just $15 a month funds 12 hours of our vital social work program.The Foundation has set an ambitious goal of achieving over 100 recurring donors in 2024.

    Planned giving allows you to support DGPL as part of your overall financial, estate, or charitable planning.

    Double your impact! Ask your employer (or search for them on Double the Donation) to see if they will match your gift amount.

    Much like the charitable Culbertson bequest, we make it easy to arrange wills, revocable trusts and other beneficiary designations. We offer flexibility, and ensure your gift provides for ideas and experiences you care most to support.

    For more information about ways you can contribute, contact Katelyn Vabalaitis at 630.963.2595 or Thank you for your thoughtful consideration.