Korean Books Deposit Collection

EnChroma Glasses

Expanded Online Offerings

An unidentified person sits comfortably in a chair, holding an e-reader in their lap, reading a page of text.
To meet community need in extraordinary circumstances during COVID-19, the Foundation in March 2020 quickly approve a request for $10,000 to expand the library’s online collection. Funds established by a bequest from former librarian Lilian Culbertson provided more than 250 e-book and audio book titles now available to children, teens, and adults.

Satellite Stacks

A woman in a motorized wheelchair smiles holding a book while sitting next to a bookcase of books.
In February 2019, the Foundation generously funded an inaugural program for deposit collections in senior living centers, including Immanuel Residences, Lacey Creek Supportive Living, Oak Trace Senior Living, Oak Tree Towers, Peace Memorial Manor, and Saratoga Grove Retirement & Assisted Living. The Foundation’s one-time $11,500 gift includes large-print and audio materials and supports librarians engaging more than 1200 seniors where they are, with what they ask.

Book Club Bags

A member of the library staff with long brown hair and wearing an olive green top holds Michael Lewis' The Undoing Project book and book club bag.
A growing number of book clubs rely on DGPL to provide materials for engagement and discussion. In 2018, the Foundation helped fund this new program with an initial $10,000, exclusively in books, made possible through the Lillian Culbertson bequest. Cardholders can pick up to-go book bags, complete with recommendations and guides from librarians you know and love.

Kids Room Mural: Soaring

A painted mural on the wall of the library's Youth Services Room features storybook characters bursting out of books on a brightly colored background.
In June 2017, the Foundation commissioned Soaring by local artist John McDavitt. Many fondly remember his trompe l’oeil works, Solar System and Train murals, prior to the 2014 renovation. In this recent installation, books fly from library doors while characters emerge from their pages. With attention to detail, each book comes alive with its own vibrant story. John devoted several months to Soaring. To see it come alive — in a matter of minutes — watch here.